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Skysstasjonen & røldal

Skysstasjonen has barbecue House and sauna on site, these you can rent at the reception

During the summer we put out trampoline and toy tractors and trucks in sandbox that kids can use for free.

In the winter season did they make ski slopes in Røldal as you can use

Røldal ski resort is located in Hordadalen about 6 km from Røldal from Haugesund

grill hytte
Røldal stave church

Røldal Stave church with the miraculous crucifix is the natural focal point in the village. The Church is built in the 1200’s, and is one of the oldest stave church in the country.   The Church is still in full operation, and opens for tourists in summer time. The Church is well worth a visit because of the special history and decoration. Røldal is the country's highest pilgrimage in numbers. Røldal Stave church is the most important tourist attraction in the village. The Church is visited because of the special decoration and history.

The history

Church was built around the year 1250. Origin legend was the Church very simple with only one room. After while was the Church extended, a gallery was attached and it was decorated inside. In the middle of 1800-century church was rebuilt with wood panel both inside and out, in addition to that it was painted white. The Church was restored in the early 1900-tal and get back original decoration from the Middle Ages.

Røldals church is perhaps the most kjend that the Pilgrim church and are most important Pilgrim destination after the Nidaros Cathedral in Catholic times. In modern times it is organized hiking from all directions to Røldal. The origin of the Pilgrimage is the crucifix which, according to saga to have a curative power evry midsummer night. At midsummer night was service, Pilgrim came forward to the crucifix, and get the curing drops came from the crucifix. Although this type of activity was forbidden by the Reformation, keep pilegrims forward with pilgrimage to the Church was until about 1850.

 Today today is the Church still in use as a regular parish church. The Pilgrim activity has picked up in modern times and every years is arranged a pilgrimage to the weekend up to nearest (gamaljonsok) 7. July for reunions. The Church is in general use for the village, and you are welcome to visit the Church in service, or as a tourist. Røldalskyrkja is a unique setting for wedding ceremonies, and serving businesses in the village can help you make a great ceremonies.

Mountain hiking

There are many hiking trails on the mountains around Røldal. a map of hiking trails you can get on the Skysstasjonen or tourist information, otherwise, it's a short distance to the Hardanger plateau national park. Then you can park your car at the Skysstasjonen for kr 50 per day and use it as a starting point.

Popular tourist destinations like Trolltungen, Buar glacier and the Prekestolen is Skysstasjonen a good starting point as a base for these trips, then you can stay in the cabins or camping here. It is about 1 hour drive to the Trolltungen, 45 min to Buar glacier and about 3 hours driving to the pulpit. 

Village museum

Røldal village museum lie on the farm Hauge, along the village road in the middle of the village. This is a traditional farm that shows how people lived in Røldal from 1850 to about 1950.

The Museum has four buildings: main house, hay barn, cookhouse and Rabbastova, a small house that is move to the area in the later time. The museum displays typical architecture, inventory, tools and a interesting collection of textiles and contain a collection of very special baptismal cap.

History                                                                                              Museum is in a courtyard area that origin was given by Tor N. Hauge to Odda Municipality as a museum in 1984. All standing like Tore was in live, and where they lived. In later to have the oldest farm house in Røldal, Rabbastova, has been move to the area from garden Rabba.


There are good conditions for cycling in Røldal on paved roads in the village with little traffic to paths on the mountain, it goes many gravel roads on the mountain that is well suited to cycling. Bicycles can be rented at the tourist information


There are good conditions for skiing in Røldal and the surrounding area, normally there is a lot of snow in winter in Røldal.

It is being make about 11 km of cross-country skiing trails in the Røldals village when there are conditions for this, large parts of it are illuminated so it can be used after it's dark.

On the west side of Røldalsfjellet in the Seljestad is Korlevoll ski Stadium, where it’s cross country trails, when there are good conditions it will run all the way up the trails on high mountains it is free to use the trails but you have to pay in Seljestad for parking fee.

Is the bad snow conditions in Røldal is it run trails in Valdalen, about 4 km east of Røldal.

Røldal ski center is located in Hordadalen about 5 km from Røldal to the west. Røldal ski center is a well-developed alpine center with many chair lifts. Here is the good free ride condition. Here it is possible to rent skis and equipment, there is a small shop where you can bay the equipment and clothing. Where there are good parking conditions

For more information check

Road trip

There are many attractions that can be reached by car in the area.

Such as: Lotefoss in the waterfalls valley on the road to Odda about 25 minute drive.

Langfoss in Akrafjorden on the road against the Haugesund about 40 minute drive.

National Tourist route road no 520 to Sauda over Saudafjellet takes about 1 hour.

Road no 13 towards the Suldal is a nice tour on the narrow western roads with many attractions along the road. Industrial town Odda with museum and shops 50 minute drive. 

Tyssedal with industry museum about 1 hour drive.

Barony in Rosendal 1.5 hour drive. 

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